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PSY to visit Penang during Chinese New Year 2013

International star from Korea, PSY to visit Penang during the 2nd day of Chinese New Year 2013, that’s 11 Feb 2013.

PSY is invited by the BN (Barisan National) to perform at the open house at Han Chiang High School. The event start from 10am to 1pm. Our Prime Minister, Najib Razak will also be at Han Chiang High School for that day.

Interesting fact regard the location, it was used by DAP to give their biggest politic talk in the past general election campaign in 2008. Later on DAP and its allies won the state from BN.

Maybe this is the last push of BN using the viral horse dance hit of PSY – Gangnam Style, for the coming pilihan raya umum 13.

PSY to visit Penang 2013

psy penang cny 2013

Another big star is Shila Amzah who recently made a fame in China by being the winner an international singing competition, Asian Wave 2012. The open house at Penang expected to attracts more than 80,000 of guest!

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