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Never say die : Trap of Habits

My second paid iOS app – Never say die(永不言败), a Chinese bestseller wrote by 俞敏洪,who is the founder of NYSE (China no.1 foreign language learning education company). This book rated 4 stars in Amazon by hundred of buyers.

Unlike other book, this book have more simple stack of contents, it split into many single article and with only one topic each time, so it’s easier for the reader to consume the main point. I will blog my excitement in this series but I shall not just translate it exactly or rewrite fully. I just want to share the inspiring part, in the same time enjoy blogging. If you want to catch this series, click on the tag ‘never day die‘ which the method I use to differentiate the entry in this series. Forgive my crap English, give me some space to improve haha..

The trap of Habits

habits rethink

Long since there is a donkey, since it was born, day by day it only work surround the stone mill, after years passed, it still did the same thing. And until one day the owner found it’s too old and unable to work for him, so he released the donkey into the green field. Surprisingly the donkey cannot adopt to the nature. It went to stick to a big tree, eventually die surrounding it.

Many of us actually living just like what the donkey did. Since child you and me have various kind of habits. Rarely we will rethink, we just follow the way we get things done. Some say personality decides what you will be one day, but actually habits is the key. There is a thing call comfort in our daily habits, maybe we don’t realise it. Just like smoking, once we are addicted to it, though we know it’s bad, but still we do it over and over again, it has became our habits, became our comfort.

The most scary thing is we become ignorant of the bad habits that we had. In school, we used to memorize facts to answer in exam, which had caused us to lost the skill of critical thinking and the dynamic of being innovative. In workplace, we tend to do well in our own task, hence we might missed many opportunity to propose ideas. In daily living, we waste our time in front of the television instead of focus on doing the matters that lead to the accomplishment of our goal.

Find a tranquil place, give out yourself a blank paper, summarize the succeed and failure of your, find out the factors or reasons. Then list down your daily habits, differentiate which habits are good, which are bad. Eventually you will find, your failure was caused by your bad habits, while the things that you’ve done well, is the result of your good habits.

Human is greater than donkey, because we have greater self-conscious. We must deal with our evil habits which might be a block for us to succeed. When we are in the trap, we should believe there must be a more beautiful scene out there and have courage to make a change.


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