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IQ vs EQ, why EQ win

In early 90s, a research from scientist had found many successful people doesn’t have an initially outstanding intelligence. The most typical example is Albert Einstein, we all know when he was young in school his teacher called him stupid. Born genius or with above average of intelligence is not the key of success. Many cases has proven even a genius doesn’t work hard, he/she may still end up with a miserably life.

EQ definition : emotional quotient, a (notional) measure of a person’s adequacy in such areas as self-awareness, empathy, and dealing sensitively with other people.

Why EQ is important than IQ

iq vs eq

Each of us born in an unique way, thus we may have limitation, this is called fate. Some has higher level or IQ, some has lower. After that we come to the external factors, some are born in rich, while some struggle with poverty. Education environment, family’s financial condition, influences of surrounding people and more others factor decided who are we.

but this is a common speak, EQ for me matter most because it’s about how much you can gain along this process, and yet bring your high level of EQ to the future.

Some people just can’t memorize things well for example, so that person maybe hardly to score good in exam, but with EQ improvement he may has his brighter future. He always know how to motivate himself, he’s hard working, he’s optimistic, he’s humble ; unlike those with the better IQ (not all), may think that they are good enough, they’re often in their comfort zone.

Albert Einstein – “Genius is 1% talent and 99% hard work.”

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