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iPad mini dropped, screen cracked.. cost to replace?

I just bought my iPad mini last month, but today something unavoidable had happened. I dropped it, and the screen cracked terribly. My regret was I don’t use any fully wrap case. Not only the screen cracked but the corner of it was badly damaged. I also didn’t get a screen protector for it, and now it’s difficult for me to navigate, because the screen is made of glass, it may hurt my fingers..

Cost to replace iPad mini screen?

I asked some online friends, they exhort me to get a new one instead of sending to apple for repair. Some of them claimed the replacement cost them about 70-80% of the price of their iPad. I would expect the price goes from RM300-RM500. Well for a mini it isn’t that worth because like my version of iPad mini, it only cost RM999.

The problem is I have many paid app with my current ipad, so I cannot abandon it just like that. If you are too using for business purpose and need to get your ipad fixed in a very short period of time, I would like to recommend iMalaysian in The Curve. Their best record is within 90 minutes, a replacement for an iPad’s glass done.

Don’t be moody, it’s just an iPad. This is life, when things cracked, it’s cracked, take it easy..

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