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How to delete book from Kobo on iPad

How to delete book from Kobo on iPad?

When I installed the Kobo iPad app, it gives me 3 default books. It’s different from the android version of Kobo, the good side is it has more features. But I think they need to update their ‘help’ page, I can’t see the delete option as mentioned at the library.

To delete book from Kobo on iPad, you first click on the home icon to show the hidden menu. Then at the right hand side, click into setting. Choose ‘store management’, you shall see all of your downloaded books. Long press any book to delete it. You need to be careful because there’s no undo for this.

Another confusion is how to buy ebook from Kobo instead of download the free ebooks on the app. You need to visit Kobo Instant Reader with a Kobo account to make purchases. The store like amazon, but the price might not as same as in amazon.

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