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Borang PTPTN : Surat pengesahan tidak bekerja

I was having a hard time finding one of the required document to apply PTPTN, that’s Surat pengesahan tidak bekerja ibu bapa or penjaga kedua.

My mom is a housewife, hence she has no employer pay slip. I was searching for this document online as my friend said all the required documents can be found in PTPTN website, unfortunately there is NO such borang been uploaded.

I then use the PTPTN forum to ask for help and found that the template isn’t really need to be formal, as long as it has enough compulsory details.

Download Surat pengesahan tidak bekerja PTPTN

Surat Pengesahan Tidak Bekerja Ibu Bapa by

I upload this template to scribd so that you can download it in an easier way.

Please note that Surat pengesahan tidak bekerja need to be copped also. I hope this entry solved your problem, hit LIKE to share with your friends who need this also thanks..

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