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Blame God, fate and others for our mistakes

Never say die series : Blame God, fate and others for our mistakes

In Sahara dessert there is a beautiful green land, but the most of the people there who might stay in the dessert for few generations, yet has not discovered it. They tried but haven’t reach there, why? Because they use too little of effort and gave up. One day an experienced explorer went there and gave them advices, eventually they made it. The advice is simply, don’t turn back and just follow that particular star until destination.

sahara green land

We sometime in our living just like those dessert people, we set goal but after a while it become abandoned. I sometime worse than them, don’t feel any necessary to rethink, revalue myself and have no desire to make new move.

We always had a fixed our mind set, likely being competitive in workplace make sense, score and beat others in exam feel good stupid and false perception. We all like money, because it brings comfort and harm, but sometime we fall into the evil pride, break the bottom line of morality, we did what we shouldn’t, money in the end doesn’t function as earlier planned which is happiness.

We easily get ourselves lost when there’s no guide or reminder along the journey. Later on we feel suck, yet we blame God, fate and others for our mistakes.

Life is short and temporary, so happiness is the goal of daily living. It make sense because we have many days to go. To enter the real peace we are the one who responsible for our tomorrow. We need to keep our eyes on the particular star, until we achieved what we were striving for, that’s high quality of living, with joy.


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