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4 hour shopping at Kuching Sentral

We soon will have mall name like Pavilion, so Kuching Sentral to proof that we are not living on the top of trees?

My mom like usual didn’t make a shopping list, 4 hour is consider short and we are lucky. Rushing back from Church, we drove to Kuching Sentral, quite crowded there, maybe because of CNY.

Look but don’t buy, don’t feel wanted to buy but still want to have a look, that’s the style of my mom when she pick clothes. For me new clothes for CNY is surplus, I began to realise the trap set by the retailers.

The one hot thing there were the 4 doll-catching-machines. One token per catch, RM1 for each token. Woah many had wasted their money! I was standing there doing analyse on how much can this doll machine earn per day..

Bought a Nike shoe for him. But in the end I found that something it’s not about the price. Before this I’m selfish, and expect others don’t be selfish to me. Now I understand why many of my relatives willing to spend unconditionally on me.

nike shoe malaysia

I didn’t expect to be so fervent to my brother I let him to choose regardless the price range, I think he surprised and touched lol..

As I mentioned in previous entry I shall contribute for this year CNY, sadly my vacuum cleaner didn’t reach mom, because she said she want other thing. I bought her a Polo bag. She at first try to choose the lowest price bag, but after I talked to her like a boss, we bought the one that I think she really like.


4 hour shopping at Kuching Sentral, tired.. bought few DVD, plan to enjoy it tonight with my family! Need to appreciate the time that I have now for my family, later on go back to study take months away from them.

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