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William Yau abused by dad

William Yau abused by dad said grandmother.

“Fortunately there was cushion at the corner of the wall, otherwise I think Zheng Zhong wouldn’t live until today” said William Yau’s grandmother.

Police started to question William Yau’s relatives because the initial assumption was William might felt into the drain and caused death, rather he has been kidnapped and murdered.

The police said they did received complaint claiming that William was abused but there’s no solid proof yet. On 27 Jan, William’s uncle spoke out, suspect this case not as easy as a child missing case.

William Yau’s mother however denied. She admitted she do punished her child, but never abuse him.

Later on on 29 Jan, reported by ChinaPress..

William Yau abused by his dad

william yau abused

William Yau’s grandmother Xu Chang-mei stood out, exposing his son (William’s dad) has abused William for several time, even treat him like a trash, thrown his son to the wall.

“he often beaten by his father, I witnessed a number of time, every time I feel very distressed.”

ACP Yahaya however appealed to the public not to jump to conclusions or speculate, saying it was still too early to determine what happened to William.

The forensic did not discover new scars or wounds. William’s body is covered with old scars & injuries, but there are some old scars, does not rule out he is being abused or hurt himself.

Additional info : MCA had offered 60k ringgit to urge the witness to come forward to give information.

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