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Why students shouldn’t make money

Why students shouldn’t make money? Because this should-not-action is a part of your ‘investment’. Are you smart in investing? The rule is play long term. The winner is the one who still stand at last.

You must wondering what am I saying here. Investment here I mean is your education, your 3 or 4 years of gaining knowledge in college.

Can a cleaner who have 10 years of working experience have a higher salary than a fresh graduate? My point is many students labour for short-term buck lost their most precious time to be a more-value person.

During your holiday you should upgrade your skills instead of hunting for part time job. Well, you may want to say you need working experience for your future, that’s a good move, go ahead. But if your motive is to get iPhone 5, I bet your lost is more than the cost of that gadget in future.

I don’t mean you need to be a bookworm, non-stop studying.. a bookworm who scored straight doesn’t impress me either. Even If I would have chance to earn 5k a month now, I wouldn’t spend all of my time into it, I will let go.

Because I’m not Bill Gate, who have enough ability to develop a secure, high income for myself, most importantly a kind of lifetime income. I just don’t want to limit myself for that 5k. instead of doing same things over and over again to achieve 2 iPhone 5, I look further, perhaps one day I can buy Apple’s stock.

It’s not how much money you can make, it’s who can you be.. But if you really need money to survive in for your study, after you quitted games, you are welcome to read my tips here.

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