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Why straight A in SPM matter?

Why straight As in SPM matter? Even though Malaysia is known as an up and coming education hub with the constantly growing choices of universities and education opportunities available in Malaysia, Malaysian students are growing worrisome in their actual chances to land a spot in those universities, public colleges and universities as well as private colleges and universities.

Malaysian students nowadays are now burdened with the extremely ferocious competition. Students from Sekolah Berprestasi Tinggi (SBT) and boarding schools such as Maktab Rendah Sains Mara (MRSM) are the ones facing the highest point of competition. They are all in a firm and demanding chase after scholarships and overseas studying opportunities; both thoroughly challenging and strenuous to actually achieve.

The easiest route for students who want to attain scholarships and be sent overseas to study to actually achieve straight As in their Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM). Not just regular As, either, but A pluses. According to the new marking scheme, A+ mark starts from 90marks to perfect marks. In order to achieve full scholarship or any scholarship offered by many government officials and non-profit organizations of any kind, students have to fulfill the requirement of getting all A pluses.

Nevertheless, it is easier said than done. Passing SPM examinations with flying colors is already a considerably difficult challenge for Malaysian students to overcome, yet alone passing with all A pluses, considering the demanding marks to receive A+ for their subjects. Only those with the brightest of mind and the wealthiest of knowledge yearning as well as the one who gave the biggest effort will somehow manage to achieve perfect marks inclusive of complete list of A pluses.

Students who give full attention to class and the teacher’s teaching material will definitely stand a chance to studying in the most appropriate level. Not only do they have to pay attention in class, it is also crucial to be consistent in their studies, reading and revising their subjects, textbooks and notes regularly. Using a proper studying schedule is recommended top to bottom. With a methodically planned studying schedule, it is easier for students to keep track of their studies and their hard earned knowledge.

Without doubt, a student who gives their full effort into their studies and pursuit of knowledge will definitely find their adventure for straight As easier. In contrast to student who manages their studies well, students who do not practice consistent and harmonious study methods will find themselves at the other end of the road, struggling and haggling themselves through hard times.

Therefore, a student who dreams of perfect scores and great opportunities of studying overseas to achieve greater social expectations and experiences has to make countless of sacrifices and takes a great deal of efforts.

They have to start considerably early and manage themselves appropriately throughout their Form 4 and Form 5 years to achieve great result in their Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia. Students who study at the very last moments will find themselves struggling and hopeless in their conquest of achieving their desired and then dreamy results.

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