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Time vs Energy vs Money

Time vs Energy vs Money, which matter most for you? One of the regrets of being a human being is that when we have achieved the things that we wanted, but we aren’t fully satisfied in the end.

Like you all, no exception for me, I would some time strives for a new gadget, but accidentally fall in a pity situation, being ignorance toward my beloved beside me. We used to be tired after work, yet didn’t appreciate our beloved one when we reach home, aren’t we work hard to give them a better life?

We often hear that to get something, we must have to scarified something.

Time vs Energy vs Money

money energy and time

I learned to appreciate life, regardless we are youngster, adult or an old folk. Being a youngster who pursue education, it’s not necessary to have a lots of money. I thank to my parent for giving me enough money to survive.

We don’t live alone in this earth, one day I’m going to join the complex society, and I believe the journey won’t be easy, because everyone have problem, even the animals. If I would have to work everyday until 6 pm, I must accept it, because I do it for my living, that’s my responsibility. But it doesn’t mean I don’t have enough time for my family and friends. In the office, if I like to I still could have lovely colleague even my boss as my friends. During the weekend, I appreciate every moment with kids and wife.

We all one day will leave this place. So I believed that energy isn’t value much when we are old. Because we had already done the things that we should and wanted to in the early stage of our life.

My conclusion is I hold the positive attitude regardless the stages of my life, and whether or not I have enough time, money or energy. For me life is short and temporary, be happy everyday!

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