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PRU13 official website launched!

PRU13 official website launched!

Good move by the government recently had just launched the official website of PRU 13 (pilihan raya umum 13) for the people to get the latest info and updates. The website had gathered many tools like to check status voters, map election area and online support.

Although there’s no fancy design on the site but I was impressed the use of social media, this is what I think the people’s need. Especially the twitter account, we can follow and get the real time result of PRU 13 instantly after the election.

You can read on the PRU13 FAQ as a voter or as a politician, the detail of the information there is very complete.

general election 13

This website will be also as a bridge to connect with the media, provide official statistic during the general election this year.

Take a visit here :

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