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My make money online timeline

I met the internet when I was 18. That time I was using dial up prepaid from TM, I just can’t believe it that time I could bear 1kb per sec of download speed. That time I have no idea how to make money online, how company like Google make billions and other online business model work.. Later on I upgraded my internet connection, I started to explore more on the money on the web.

My make money online timeline

First I play PTC, which is something like you surf and earn money by viewing ads. The pay was low, it pays 0.01 sen per view. I gave up because it cannot cover my electric bill. I rather choose to play computer games!

After that I blog. Blogging is fun, unlike social network these day, blogger met strangers at comments, then we become friends, blog about each other. I have a little intention to make money with my blog, but not much I can make because I’m have no pretty face to show. I made 1 thousand ringgit from that. Not much, but a good start.

From blogging I learned Seo, and exposed to internet marketing. I visit IM forums and tried few methods, like affiliate marketing – clickbank, amazon etc. I made nothing while others made millions. I know the reason why I failed. I lack of close community and resources.

I joined MLM – the most stupid move! But I earned my invested money back, just wasted some of my time.. Actually I’m glad that I failed this time, because I learned to identify the hype and myth of internet products. The blurb had hunted many newbie.. I consider myself lucky because I pull off early.

My dream is to build something that is long lasting on the web. I focus on my skill set as I’m just a student for now, not the right time yet for me to make big money. I had told my opinions in a previous post. Ok I wish to end this entry here, thanks for reading, I’m sleepy..

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