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Melaka SHELL : Budak 13 tahun merogol?!

1/1/2013 Melaka SHELL : On Facebook, ‘Budak 13 tahun merogol’ was today’s most intrigued and controversy discussion online when a post gone viral!

The viral ‘story’ :

The poster, Low claim to be a victim, who had been molested by a 13 year-old boy at Shell Petrol Kiosk toilet.

The incident said to be happened around 4.25pm. Low claimed the 13 year-old boy kissed her cheeks and touched her chest.

Low fought to open the toilet’s door, and she said some people outside the toilet heard commotion and came to help her.

Low lodged a police report, the boy then was caught by the police. The boy had been remitted for days pending further investigation.

This case is being investigated under Section 354 of the Penal Code for outrage of modesty, said State CID chief Asst Comm Raja Sharom Raja Abdullah.

The ‘fire’ :

Melaka SHELL  Budak 13 tahun merogol

The netizens however didn’t start the headline by this way, the viral picture of Low’s boy friend make this case more complicated and questionable.. The headline of this case had became something like ‘Budak 13 tahun merogol’ lol!!

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