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How to get hosting sponsor for your blog

This blog is currently (2012- 2013) under sponsor of a popular hosting company – IPSERVERONE. I was glad that I saved some money on hosting. They sponsored me a plan that worth RM600! So it’s not just for this blog, I can do a lot of things..

How to get hosting sponsor for your blog?

Actually I’m the one who take initiative to seek for this sponsor. Once upon a time (back in 2010 if I’m not mistaken), actually there was a new local hosting company willing to sponsor me without any contract or demand. But I felt worry because not sure of their server uptime and the company performance, so I made a decline to them.

I went to IPSERVERONE because as a customer I’m so satisfied with their server, and also their support, it’s 24 hour. I downloaded my analytic report for last 6 months, send it to them and ask for sponsorship, that’s it. It took a while for them to approve, maybe the desk supporter forward my email to the boss?

I offered an ad slot for their brand’s visibility, placed a credit on my sidebar of them as a win-win deal. I think the main reason why this blog get approved is because it has enough traffic. One month this blog generated 6 digits uv (unique visitors).

So conclusion of my tips :

  1. Don’t hesitate to request for hosting sponsor on your site. Seek not just one to maximize the chances.
  2. Offer back something, like ad slot, advertorial etc.
  3. Improve blog’s quality of course.. Design, domain authority etc.
  4. Ask your friends launch a hosting company (lol)

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