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CNY 2013 Snake Year Wishes and Sayings

CNY 2013 Snake Year Wishes and Sayings

Huat ar! meh.. not every year the same wishes and sayings.. I firstly wish you all Gong xi fat chai if during the CNY you visited this post haha :P You must be cladding on new clothes here right, ok the tradition must we kept, Gong xi Gong xi lol!

It took me sometime to find some really creative Snake year wishes and sayings for this Chinese New Year 2013. It’s hard and unsuitable for them to be converted into the English, it just sound strange and lost its original meaning.

Feel free to copy the quotes below, I picked the top 10 most creative.

CNY 2013 Snake Year Wishes and Sayings

cny 2013 snake year

  1. 龍蛇起陸、金蛇狂舞、筆走龍蛇、蛇年富貴、蛇年大發、蛇足飽滿、
  2. 魅力如蛇、蛇年進財、絕不蛇本、金蛇出洞、金蛇郎君、蛇形刁手
  3. 行運蛇化龍、蛇年行大運、銀蛇喜迎春
  4. 吉祥如意,蛇序呈祥,銀蛇喜迎春
  5. 祝你做任何事都像蛇一樣,滑滑溜溜、順順利利
  6. 井井有條,川流不息,龍馬精神,蛇我其誰~
  7. 虎躍龍騰生紫氣、風調雨順兆蛇年
  8. 恰逢盛世豬如象,喜慶新春蛇化龍
  9. 運勢如蛇化龍飛,氣勢磅礴邁向2013年
  10. 金元財寶好運接龍,吉祥如意蛇我其誰!
  11. 龍騰新世紀;蛇躍好前程。

I never memorize these wishes because I can’t get the fully meaning most of the time. But still I was happy to see many Chinese still keep their tradition, sending CNY sayings through SMS. Every year during CNY my dad’s phone will never be silent.

If you lazy to type, send it to your friend’s wall, pick one above..

Do you have more or better wishes and sayings for Chinese New Year 2013, make a comment below, share with us! Happy Chinese Year to all!

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