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CNY 2013, I will get mom a vacuum cleaner

Thanks to my parents for send me out from hometown to continue my degree. I got a dumb result in STPM, but mom still seem proud of me because I still able to continue my study LOL! But my parents had paid a heavy price, I know. Luckily the car has no longer in loan, otherwise my family members would have to do farming..

I make some buck through this blog, it’s wasn’t an easy journey, that’s why it took me for a while to spend my hard earn money for others. Actually that is just my excuses ; I treat myself good, eat KFC whenever I want, buy gadget etc..

2013-01-10 22.44.12

I drink like a ‘lousai’ at starbuck which my mom will never sit down and pay a coffee which cost her 20 bucks! I also bought myself an iPad mini without thinking long, why I’m struggling to spend for others?

My dad paid for my i5 laptop, feeding me monthly even I’m not at home.

I learned that scarifies is a cycle of actions. No wonder my parents willing to bear the load of my living expenses for my study, because they did it when I was kid, spend to keep my body warm and grow healthily.

Maybe next sem I will try to save some money to change my TV hehe..

CNY 2013, I will get mom a vacuum cleaner! What’s your gift to them?

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