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8 crucial SEO tips 2013

SEO tips for year 2013? Many some expected SEO is no longer alive..

SEO is not dead! SEO is only dead for those sites which NEVER have chance to bound back into google search result again after been penalized by Google in past year.

As a whitehat SEO optimizer, you should never fear the Panda or Penguin updates, because Google has no intention to trouble your sites, yet Google is still hoping the world of web could be prosperous because of your useful contribution in providing unique information.

To develop a sustainable and realisable web business, there are few major concerns you need to pay attention with. Unlike year 2009-2012, spammers and blackhat SEO-ers able to flood the search results. In the year of 2013 (and we believed in many years to come too), only real player – outstanding, unique, no-robot business model would get the reward.

8 crucial aspect of SEO 2013

1. Content creation

combined scrapped contents, robot generated text, copied article will not rank..

2. Guest posting

high outbound links guest posting technique will not work either. In year 2013, expand your network among webmasters.

3. On page optimization

This sound old-schooled tips but it has the final little impact to outrank a competitive, closest competitor.

4. Site load time

Check with Google developer web speed to ensure there is no unnecessary script that slow down your website.

5. Powerful related link juice

The link juice of one related backlink may equal to hundred of unrelated backlinks for your niche. Niche backlinks is hard to get but it’s worth than thousand of robot made low quality backlinks.

6. Web 2.0

Squidoo, ehow,, yahoo answer etc required manual creation.

7. Social Bookmark

SB work for 2 tier of your backlinks. Massive SB ALONE won’t bring your site hit the first page.

8. Diversity

Try to get as much as links from various platform. Google is strict and has less trust on sites that were merely gaining massive links from single source.

My conclusion of these SEO tips 2013 in 2 words : Diversity and Humanity. Diversity for link building, humanity for high qualify of content creation.

Wish you guys all the best in this new year, 2013, in Search Engine Optimization!

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