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Voucher Buku 1Malaysia 2013 released on February!

The Voucher Buku 1Malaysia 2013 (BB1M) was said to be released on February!

Thanks to the government on Budget 2013, again, promised to give the IPT students, as well as for those who are studying Form6 / Matriculation, RM250 book voucher!

Last time many had bought hard disk, keyboard, mouse lol don’t want to mention much..

Regard this matter I personally think that there is no way to control / limit the students from getting stuff other than books and stationary. However there’s still a strict observation on the validity of use of the voucher, like trade it for cash.

Voucher Buku 1Malaysia 2013 Registration?

Voucher Buku 1Malaysia 2013

There is no registration needed for this application. All Malaysian students who is currently studying IPT (IPTS as well as IPTA), Form 6, Matriculation will automatically qualified.

on 14th November, there was this statement in the news :

“At present, only 58 out of 197 private institutions around Kuala Lumpur and Selangor have updated their data in full. The remaining private colleges and universities have yet to do so.”

Deputy Higher Education Minister Datuk Dr Hou Kok Chung.

You just need to settle with your institution and university. So do not simply complaint..

(Which bookstore sell better ‘power bank’? Popular? MHP? LOL!!)

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