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How to clean fruits pesticide

Fruits pesticide is one of the concern of many because most of us, we just retail our fruits from supermarket. Here’s the method on how to clean fruits pesticide for apple, peach, bayberry and Strawberry

clean fruits pesticide

1. Apple
some when eating apples, they tend to like to eat the skins, but the preservation technology left those residual chemicals on the apples’ surface, make it difficult to clean. They will not go away by washing the apples with plain water.

- Cleaning method :

Soak the apple into a water for a while, then put a little salt onto the epidermis, gently rubbing it with your hands holding it. You will find the dirt on surface can be remove easier.


2. Peaches’ cleaning method :

The method is the same with apple, just do not soak it too long into the water. Or you can use directly put them into the salty water, gently scrub the peaches, until the ‘fur’ on the surface is gone.


3. Bayberry
Bayberry has a rugged appearance, and a thin epidermis, the surface is easy get tear. Actually the skin contain many parasites, but many people do not know where to start.

Cleaning method :
water soak the bayberries for 20-30 minutes into brine water. It help to kill certain bacteria, and also help to remove the hidden parasites.


4. Strawberry
Some people simply do not wash, just eat them directly, it then caused diarrheal and other diseases.

Cleaning strawberries steps:
First flushed them with flowing tap water for few times, after that dip them into the brine water for 30 minutes to make a strawberry.  Rinse before serve.

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