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iPhone 5 Malaysia price only RM699 (US$199)?

iPhone 5 Malaysia price only RM699 (US$199)? The answer is no.. I laughed when I saw many were socked and excited claiming that iPhone 5 is cheap like hell, only RM699 in our local forums. Recommended reading : Prices for iPhone 5 in Malaysia

14 September will be the pre-order date for US, and for 16GB will be USD199, but don’t miss the details below, it’s bonded with 2 years of contract!

We still unable to get the price of iPhone 5 in Malaysia because currently apple store is still in construction mode.

iPhone 5 Price


One more thing that we should not neglect is the tax. It’s quite impossible to see iPhone will exactly cost RM699 when it reach to Malaysia. As usual even you buy from telco like with Digi, celcom or Maxis with contract, the price still slightly higher than the price in US.

iPhone 5 Malaysia price? stay tune for the official  update from Apple Malaysia~

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