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Bajet 2013 : Rebate RM200 on smartphone

Bajet 2013 : Rebate RM200 on smartphone

This was one of the benefits given to the youth during the announcement of Bajet 2013 by Najib. The youths and the young people were believed need to be expose to the rapid development of technology especially the technology of world wide web nowadays, thus Suruhanjaya Komunikasi & Multimedia Malaysia and communication companies had come out with a ‘discount package’ for them.

A reported claim that about 22% of smartphone internet users in Malaysia is made up of youth and young people.

This rebate of RM200 is going to be open to those who aged from 21 to 30 year-old and having income that is less than 3 thousand ringgit.

In the report of Bajet 2013, this offer is going to consume about RM300 juta to benefits 1.5 target audience in the nation.

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