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Mark Zuckerberg’s house worth $7,000,000

Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg’s house reported worth $7,000,000!

Serving over 500 millions of people worldwide with Facebook, Mark became the world youngest billionaire. He paid for an upgrade and that made  his house now worth millions.

The home is 10 minutes from the new Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park.

Mark Zuckerberg’s house

Mark Zuckerberg's house 7

Outdoor hang out place with his wife perhaps :

Mark Zuckerberg's house 6

Indoor look were elegant and luxury :

Mark Zuckerberg's house 4

Mark Zuckerberg's house 3

Mark Zuckerberg's house 5

Mark Zuckerberg's house 2

At the age of 26, Zuckerberg is already worth an estimated $7 billion due to his 24% share of Facebook.

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