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Lee Chong Wei to marry Wong Mew Cho 2013

Congratulation to Datuk Lee Chong Wei as he’s going to set up a family for himself in 2013.

He said that he will held a press conference regard this matter after come back from the London Olympic.

“Pasangan saya adalah ahli sukan dan wartawan mungkin tahu orang itu.” said Chong Wei.

Lee Chong Wei to marry Wong Mew Cho 2013?

Lee Chong Wei marry Wong Mew Cho

lee chong wei wong meow choo

Datuk Lee Chong Wei leaving the hotel with his friend Wong Mew Choo and his mother Khor Kim Chooi in London.

These were the latest ‘leaked’ pictures from Facebook.

Why few years back there are news said that Chong Wei and Mew Choo were no longer in relationship? Hmm, maybe that’s a ‘make up ‘for certain purpose.. There are even rumour that Chong Wei were in love with a China badminton player, reported by the media lol..

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