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Video : UFO in Sunway Mentari

UFO in Sunway Mentari, Malaysia !

A videographer, John Tan was having dinner two weeks ago and after that he noticed something is shining brightly and blinking at the sky.

Then on July 15, he posted the video on YouTube and it has been viewed at least 1,000 times since.

John said that the lights were there for another two hours after we first spotted it at about 9pm.

UFO sunway

Video : UFO in Sunway Mentari

National Space Agency (Angkasa) also opined that it was unlikely that kites were involved.

“People don’t fly kites at night because there is no wind,” said director general Dr Mustafa Din Subari.

Malaysia’s first Angkasawan Datuk Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor also commented that there should be a logical explanation.

“One of the reasons we go to space is to see if there are other life forms out there. Alien or not, as we found out, there is no evidence yet and we are still searching for it.”

UFO in Sunway Mentari?! Before this there were several times in Malaysia, reported there was a UFO. Btw, this mysterious phenomena happened  in Sunday is still unexplained.

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