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Trend Baju Raya 2012

Looking for Baju Raya 2012? Lisa and Nora have it..

Before that let’s us contribute some tips / general knowledge on choosing Baju Raya 2012 :

  • Avoid big size of ‘corak’ if you are short
  • Wear lateral stripes and large ‘corak’ if you are thin and tall

4 top elements in trend 2012, for baju raya :

- flourish

- elegance

- modern

- purity

Baju Raya 2012

lisa baju raya

lisa baju raya 2lisa baju raya 3baju raya nora 2012

baju raya nora 2012 2

baju raya nora 2012 3

My favourite ‘corak’ :

baju raya 2012 kain

How about color for baju raya? unknown. Seem no specified color for 2012..

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