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SenQ mengeluarkan penjelasan berhubung incident di KK

SenQ telah mengeluarkan penjelasan berhubung incident di Kota Kinabalu.

video description :

This incident happened due to dishonesty of the SenQ company, SenQ is an electronic company from west malaysia, and they teach their staff to give wrong information to customer(Definitely Unprofessional) so that they could get their product sold. And that including, fake info about the product (specially warranty), bad/incorrect speak about other company (that’s why the man so mad :p ), higher price than any other retailer (in fact). Please think twice before u buy.

Incident SenQ KK :

SenQ respond via SenQ Facebook page :

It is noted that senQ has no business relationship with this man and reiterate that all accusations by this man is totally unfounded.

“This is not the first time the same man came to damage and cause disturbance in our outlet. Similar incident had occurred three months ago in another senQ outlet nearby in March this year of which we have reported to the police already” said senQ’s Managing Director, KH Lim.

Incident SenQ KK

“Legal action was not taken against him then, and this time the man has planned to intentionally record the whole rampage,” added KH Lim.

Police report regarding this incident had been lodged and awaiting further investigation and action from the authority.

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