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PM launched Skim Persaraan Swasta

18 July 2012 : Datuk Seri Najib Razak had just launched the final component of the Skim Persaraan Swasta (Private Retirement Scheme)through the establishment of Pentadbir Pencen Swasta.

The Prime Minister said that the development of private pension industry is very important to meet the retirement needs of all citizens. He hopes to ensure that all the generations of Malaysians have savings in financial assets that are sufficient to enable them to fully enjoy their retirement years later.

Skim Persaraan Swasta launching ceremony was held Kompleks Suruhanjaya Sekuriti, di Bukit Kiara. Skim Persaraan Swasta is a voluntary retirement savings scheme that established by the private sector providers funds and approval from the licensed Security Commission (SC), to provide an additional channel to employees and the self-employed to make their retirement savings.

PM launched Skim Persaraan Swasta

Najib also added that as an incentive for participation in this scheme, individuals who granted a tax relief up to RM3, 000 while for the employer will enjoy the tax deduction, up to 19 percent of wages.

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