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Petrol RON97 price drop for 10 sen

Good news! Petrol Ron 97 price drop for 10 sen! The decrease of the global petrol price had caused our petrol price reduced. RON97 reduced by 10 sen from RM2.90 per litre to RM2.80 per litre.

This price drop effective from 7 June 2012. However RON95 which is our ‘mainstream’ remain at RM1.90 per litre. The government claims cost them RM2 billion in monthly subsidies to maintain the price.

Petrol RON97 price drop for 10 sen

ron 97

Sources close to cabinet said since the price of RON97 is determined by a managed float, thus the prices will fluctuate. That means it will always rise and fall.

Hmm, The price of RON97 was increased four times last year. So, RON97 price drop for 10 sen, a good or a temporary good news? Which type of petrol you use? RON97? Too bad for me, I was using RON95 and perhaps will use it for the rest of my life lol! I heard there are rumours out there claim this drop is related with the coming pilihanraya umum 2012, really? xD

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