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Online shopping tips for Malaysian

My friend scammed by someone online then he went to the police station. You know what the officer say to him? The officer seem knew what is his case, he ask is it scammed by seller in I ‘lol-ed’ and surprised how a human being can get scam there, since there’s no option to put in your credit card on the site!  

I however had learn something from that matter, never bank in first to strangers, the only method to find goods in by COD, whether in or forums. I witnessed good rate sellers that doesn’t guarantee good deal too, so don’t expect perfection.

Online shopping tips for Malaysian

  1. Never simply bank in money to stranger
  2. Search the name of the seller using google to find his/her reputation (or criminal records perhaps?)
  3. Try to deal with reputable sites
  4. Search product name or model to get the latest price lists
  5. Ask for warranty and keep the receipt
  6. Buy goods on your own risk from international sellers

Happy shopping!

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