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No Pilihanraya umum 13 before the fasting month?

PAS urge the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib to give guarantee not to dissolve the parliament and held the pilihan raya umum 2012 during the haji session this year.

This is aim to give the comfort and convenients for the Muslim to carry on their ‘ibadah haji’.

“We want the Prime Minister’s assurance that elections are not held on the hajj this year. It is best to avoid that and government should hold on that date,” said PAS information chief, Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man today.

Meanwhile, PAS secretary-general, Datuk Mustafa Ali also support that the government’s insistence of Tuan Ibrahim that pilihan raya umum 13 not to held during the haji period.

“It is up to Najib to determine when the pilihan raya umum 13. But we seek assurance from him that they were not held during the haji. Finish problems,” his brief comment Tuesday.

Pilihanraya umum 2012 not to held before the fasting that begins this 21th July?

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