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My top 5 best Chrome extensions

What are your top Chrome extensions? Many firefox users had shifted to use google Chrome, because of its light super lighting speed and of course the ‘app’ enhanced the browser to have many extra functions.

However lately I found out google Chrome tend to be my heaviest application. I was stunned by this category of software – browser, somehow pushed me to ge an extra memory RAM. The more the extension you have, the more memory you need.


My top 5 best Chrome extensions

Depend on which kind of user you are, there is no exact preferences for the best Chrome extension. I focus on productivity and workflow, so here’s mine :

1) Gmail

Gmail incoming email notification

2) Screen resolution test

I’m a web designer, so I need this to see how others size of screen look for my sites

3) Adblock plus

Kills annoying pop up ads!

4) Cleary

My favourite, essential reading tool. It eliminates all the sidebar etc elements, and help you to focus on the content. Enhance your reading by giving you the option whether in a daylight or night-time environment. 

5) Imgur

Upload pictures in sec with imgur! I’m an active forum users, which sometime need to attach some images. Imgur help me to get the direct URL in seconds! I just need to drag my image from desktop~

That’s it, My top 5 best Chrome extensions that always appear on my google Chrome.. Yours?

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