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Live Streaming EURO 2012 : POLAND VS GREECE

EURO 2012 is going to start! Cheers! Looking for Live Streaming POLAND VS GREECE? Tonight on 12:00 midnight, let’s watch the opening match between Poland and Greece. Before that, just a reminder, we’ve posted the Malaysia time full schedule before, if you missed it, you can refer back it here.

Note that EURO 2012 is a knockout type of competition, so it’s worthwhile for us to hang out at kedai mamak every midnight (or online streaming for those ‘foreveralone’ xD).. Who know your favourite team only have chance to play once (just kidding)~

In this entry we also wanted to include the schedule of TV3 live streaming for the EURO 2012

Live Streaming Schedule EURO 2012 on TV3

Live Streaming EURO 2012 tv3

* click on image for larger view..

Ok, let’s get back to our topic, tonight POLAND VS GREECE! Sadly TV3 do not have an official streaming services online like RTM, but we are fortunate enough to have asyik tv player.

Live Streaming EURO 2012 : POLAND VS GREECE

Click on the icon ‘TV3’ to start. This is the highest quality player for TV3.

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