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Daftar pilihan raya 2012 pejabat pos

10 steps explained how you can register at pejabat pos to be qualify as a voter in pilihan raya 2012.

Steps :

1. Go to the nearest post office

2. Take the number

3. Wait of course

4. Go to the counter when it is your turn

5. Tell the service guy / sister that you want to register as a voter

6. Give your Identity card

7. Wait for him/her to get your information

8. He/she then printed a copy of your information

9. He/she ask you to recheck your info and put signature

10. Go home now, you’re done after you signed!

Daftar sebagai pengundi pilihan raya 2012 pejabat pos edition, thanks for reading.. For online version no need to search too much, many blog posted the same thing, direct go to the SPR website and follow the dummies guide =) You can also register via sms..

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