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Bapa Lee Chong Wei NEVER terjun jambatan!

Bapa Lee Chong Wei NEVER terjun jambatan!

Yesterday thestar posted a news regard a national athlete’s father foil by the polices for attempt to jump from the river. After a while I saw a raising thread in lowyat forum, many netizens said that was bapa Lee Chong Wei!

The thread start with a source linked to Chinapress, but the press was not complete, and didn’t mention Chong Wei’s name.

Chinapress eventually came out with a new full report regard this matter.

Bapa Lee Chong Wei

bapa lee chong wei

“It’s all just a misunderstanding. I’ll look after myself as I want tolive to a ripe old age,” Bapa Lee Chong Wei, Lee Ah Chai explained through a telephone conversation with state Youth, Sports and Community Development Committee chairman Lydia Ong.

Lee Ah Chai, 59, denied that he wanted to kill himself, saying he just decided to go to the bridge  after finding it difficult to sleep.

“A patrol car stopped nearby and the policemen wanted to see my MyKad. They asked if I was drunk, which I denied. I ask to undergo a breathalyser test but they still urge me to ” he added.

Lee Chong Wei’s responded :

“Police have so far did not contact me, if really there’s such a case, no reason they never tell me.”

I really want to LOL at the polices >< and bloggers around pls fix your post to Bapa Lee Chong Wei NEVER terjun jambatan..

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