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We are not naughty 孩子不坏 review

On the 1st of May my friends and me went to GSC to watch We are not naughty (孩子不坏) by Jack Neo.

We actually plan to catch the Avengers but the whole day showtime only left ‘super front’ seats available. We do not want to risk our neck so we chose another movie.

‘We are not naughty’ is one of the best selling movie too on that day. We didn’t get the best seats but still able to catch the whole screen view.

We are not naughty review

we are not naughty review

The story line.. Well can’t impress me because it’s too common, and I believe the selling point is not on the story line. I can’t remember where the story start and end, but the some scene rather touching and have intrinsic values. Eh why it’s like a bit copy from the ‘3 idiots’? Helicopter and midwife? Story line I give 2 star.

Talking about the intrinsic values, just like previous movie by Jack Neo, he always try to bring the true things that exist in our surrounding. I remember a quote, we are the one who responsible for our future. In the movie it said maybe the environment, parent etc are the factors that keep failing us, but it’s still eventually come to ourselves who play the key role to decide to live on or to give up. I get motivated to become an useful person after watched this movie lol!

Values : 5 star full.

You may ask is this we are not naughty a funny movie? Well for me not much. This is a movie that you will cry more and laugh less. Btw, the ‘LOL level’ I give 4 star, because new humour still exists, and I never feel ‘lame’ with Jack Neo movie.

My personal ‘We are not naughty’ 孩子不坏 movie overall rating : 4.6 out of 5 star.

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