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Pilihanraya 13 on 12 June said Bangkang dari longkang

When is pilihanraya 13? A trending keyword that believe very soon will become breakout search in google insight. Our Prime Minister around April has announced that he know the date but it will remain as secret for the public when it’s not yet the right time to announce that.

There’s a rumour video by our 4 local comedy artist claiming that the Pilihanraya 13 will held on 12 June 2012.

The group named komedy gelap, they had also produced few others funny video. Their videos have intrinsic meaning which I enjoy it most~

“Selamat datang ke Selangor” one of the past trending politic comedy :


Another one regard Bersih protest :

I like this kind of comedy because it display the real scene of Malaysia politics which involve many races daily rant..

Pilihanraya 13 on 12 June said Bangkang dari longkang, how about you?

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