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Paradigm Mall Facebook Admin troll?!

Trending social media issue : Paradigm Mall Facebook Admin troll?!

Customer is always right, simply because they have the right. Why their right so stupendous? simply because they are customers who will feed your biz, simple yet golden rules to keep in mind, customer is the king.

So if you come to reputed company or organization, their customer services will always give you satisfaction. (sometime exception goes to even world wide brand because of individual problem, they hit customer in front of the counter lol)

Paradigm Mall Facebook page

Paradigm Mall Facebook

These childish argument eventually caused the General Manager to apologize :

Dear Facebook Friends
At Paradigm Mall, we are aware of a number of inappropriate and distasteful remarks made on the mall’s page wall. On behalf of the management of Paradigm Mall, I sincerely apologize for these comments.

We place relationships and respect between the mall management team and our customers at the centre of everything we do. Our customers are our top priority and we ensure they are respected and treated in an individual, non-judgemental and relevant manner.
We assure you that this is certainly not the norm for Paradigm Mall and neither is it cordoned by the mall’s Management. The issues have been adequately addressed with the Team Member concerned. We have not taken your comments lightly and rest assured that our procedures and practice are currently being reviewed.
We appreciate your continued support of us and for sharing your feedback on our page wall. We also want you to know that we will increase concerted efforts to address the shortcomings and oversight.
Once again, we apologize for this unfortunate event. Going forward, we will continue to carry out intensive customer care training programme in our efforts to strive towards excellence to create delightful and memorable experiences for our shoppers.

Kind regards,
Ben Chong
General Manager
WCT Land

Btw thanks for this joke, you make my day! TQ! Hmm not sure whether the trolling admin still go for work or not tomorrow or not, good luck yea~

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