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Malaysia Date of Mother Day 2012

This entry has no intention to raise any religion controversy, but simply mean to let our users know the Malaysia Date of Mother Day 2012.

I began my entry this way because I saw every time when the Mother Day approaching, there are many Muslims claim that the celebration is ‘haram’ (illegal) for them.

For the year 2012, Mother Day Malaysia date drop on 13 May 2012

mother day

As I know the origin of Mother Day in the history somehow related to Christianity events, however as we can see today, this is already a world common celebration, that’s a special day to remind ourselves to appreciate our mother’s love.

“A Muslim should not treat Mother day as a special day, because we should serve your mother as she deserve it everyday” This is what I got from a Muslim friend.

For those who celebrate Mother Day, we wish your mother in good health!

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