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Make money with blogging for living?

Is it possible by blogging you can make a living? Before you dream to achieve way, I want to tell you the fact that most of the people blogged, but failed. The reasons are many, but one of those reason is they lacking of uniqueness caused by unplanned plan.

I’ve come across with huge number of inactive blog links stated as blog lists, blog roll, blogger friends.. sad to see these blog with dot com domain expired. Do not start anything if you do not have a plan that will make a site better than a blog registered using dot blogspot sub domain.

First question for yourself : Who are you?

Ask yourself who you are to identify your capability how you can serve the internet community. I’ve knowing some ‘blogger’ who on the surface their blog doesn’t require writing skill but they are making big cash. Their capability is their web marketing skill and very sensitive toward the online trending type of biz opportunity. They can’t write (or chose not to write? whatever), but still can have a very successful blog, because they know they shall not going else way if want to sell their book competing with other bestsellers out there.

2. Type of site matter

Different type of site have different scale of commercial value, maybe their blog look like can’t sell anything but million hit of traffic they made make the site worth.. As I said by knowing yourself first is important because you must choose one type of site that you can manage, expand and establish your income generator online.

3. Not method but system

Technology change really fast, I would like to suggest systemize yourself instead of everyday you go somewhere to dig some methods. Method is temporary, but this ‘system mind-set’ do not has just one methods inside to last for long term. If your blog hit 10 buck a day, do not create another similar one to hit another 10 buck again, but various your methods, put into one place, combine them, test them, to scale your vaster project up..

4. How much time you willing to invest?

Most of the people quit make money online because their excitement can’t last for a year. Will you still go on if you doesn’t make a cent after tried a year make money online? Many factors cause someone to make bucks fast or late, maybe someone is lucky than you, they found gem earlier than you? Do not quit and one day you will be a winner..

Make money with blogging for living? For those who generate income by just sitting at home, congratulation! You deserve it because you stand out, work smart and hard, and like blogging!

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