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Make money online using social media

Make money online had been become easier and easier after the raising of Facebook, the giant social media that had gave many opportunities. I witnessed someone from zero to hero, generating 4 figures income by just using the social media.

It’s funny few days back my friends spam me few links and beg for few click through Facebook chat box. For me that is a hilarious way to do PTC. I tried this thing but eventually gave up. Although it’s quite direct and easy to earn some bucks, however I feel more excite to develop on other things that have long term values. I felt I’ve lost something because I failed to see how Facebook could became the easiest traffic generation ‘tool’, I regretted I just chatting with my friends using Facebook few years back lol..


Make money online with social media 2012

I challenge you to have a page on Facebook that worth at least 50k in 2014! Owning a ‘base’ make my online money making journey comfort, it’s not hard to bump something that viral, easy to get thousand of traffic compare to the past we have almost nothing except manually post comment!

The timing for now well I admit it’s not the best time anymore because some improvement has been there for Facebook & twitter to let some smart users to manipulate what they want, but it’s still worth than you’re starring and wasting time on it..

Keys : be unique and post interesting content + consistently, frequency and never give up..

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