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Free Thosai at Khalid Abu Bakar house

How’s the taste of the burgers from the stall in front of Datuk Ambiga house?

The DIG had said that there was nothing wrong with protesting outside a person’s house as long as the occupants are not disturbed.

So this time lets grab some thosai!

Khalid Abu Bakar

20 Indian non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are planning to set up a thosai stall in front of the Deputy Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar’s residence on May 20.

The stall would giving away free thosai to all on this Sunday morning, starting at 10am, at Jalan 2/7G, Taman Bukit Teratai, Ampang.

“What offence? If you want to sit in front of her (Ambiga’s) house without disrupting other people, there is no offence.” WargaAMAN secretary S Barathidasan claimed.

“Since Khalid had said what he said, we chose his house. This is the assurance he gave. Moreover he is the number two cop in the country… it would be very safe outside his house,” he said

WargaAMAN firmed that this event in front of Khalid’s house this Sunday would not be a protest but more of a thosai promotional event.

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