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Fasha Sandha pregnant May 2012

Fasha Sandha pregnant for already 2 weeks!
This is great news for this couple, after returning from their honeymoon that day, Fasha Sandha and Jejai from Pulau Ledang.

According Fasha managers, doctors also recommend her for not doing heavy work :
“In the late of last month through Fasha examination and the doctor had confirmed that Fasha now pregnant two weeks. Doctors advised Fasha not to do heavy work, ” he said in a happy tone.

Fasha posted this status on his facebook page :

” Bunting pelamin, Rezeki dari Allah yg paling bermakna buat setiap pasangan suami Isteri. Syukur Alhamdulillah. Doa kami ber2 dimakbulkan Allah. Terima kasih keluarga, peminat yg mendoakan kebaikan utk kami. Doakan agar kandungan awal ini sihat selalu.. Syukur. Amin “

Earlier Fasha and Jejai married in a simple ceremony on 27 April last at the Crowne Plaza Mutiara.

fahsa & jejai pulau ledang

At the wedding ceremony which was attended by about 250 guests, representatives of the families but Jejai’s mother Puan Sri Raja Noora Ashikin Raja Abdullah was not at the ceremony.

Fasha Sandha pregnant, congrats!

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