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1Malaysia Pad spec and review

1Malaysia Pad spec and review! Will you looking to buy the 1Malaysia tablet? that was recently launched and been given the name 1Malaysia Pad?

Through our observation, We witnessed many were whining on the price is too high, they claimed with an additional cost they more willing to own galaxy tab 7 inch / iPad 2. Others review were the pre-order system doesn’t seem wise by urge buyer to send email. There were even jokes like this 1Malaysia pad actually cheap tablets from China lol!

1Malaysia Pad spec


  • RM999 (for the first 999 buyers only) What that is mean RM999 just the promo price? wow!
  • 1Malaysia messenger (App similar to WhatsApp / BB messenger)
  • Running on Android Gingerbread 2.3
  • 7 inch
  • Main camera 3.0, front 0.3 camera
  • Battery Li-Polymer sized 400mAH
  • Micro SD expandable till 32 Gigabytes
  • IPTA Students can get discount using student card

Our review :

The look kinda like China tablet honestly lol.. I personally dislike so call affordable tablets from China. (I doesn’t mean 1Malaysia pad ya)

With RM600 or less you visit lelong and try to look on those cheap China tablet dealers, you can get a pretty decent spec pad which the spec is more powerful than iPad 2! Well I mean the spec only, not the quality..

In this entry, 1Malaysia Pad spec and review, we hope you feel free to put your review at the bottom thanks!

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