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Remove Facebook timeline

Hate the new Facebook timeline? How to Remove Facebook timeline and get back your old look facebook profile look? The latest change was Facebook had added timeline look with larger profile picture. However no matter how Facebook has tweaked about it, timeline isn’t favourite by some people.

There’s a 100% working way to remove Facebook timeline although you do not own Facebook. Just like the idea of get rid of Facebook ticker, before Facebook enable user to close it. That’s by changing the code of your own browsers to let you see the old profile back using a plugin.

Remove Facebook timeline

Remove Facebook timeline

A Chrome extension by exootlab called Facebook Timeline Remover. Facebook Timeline Remover is an advanced browser plugin that changes your profile back to the old layout.

Facebook is sending HTML code to your computer and your computer translates the code in your browser. Plugin intercepts the code and reassembles it in old design. Therefore, you see your old profile again.

Your personal profile will be changed only on your computer. If you want your friends to see your old Facebook profile, they too need to install Facebook Timeline Remover.

- Will it continue to work in April?

It will continue to work in April, no matter if Facebook changes all profiles to timeline on their end, because our plugin sill puts together the old display in your browser. If we all use it, timeline change won’t affect us at all.

What if you use FF?

I don’t know, I’ve no problem on that.. because I’m a Chrome user lol..

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