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Minimum wage private sector 2012 on 1st May

For the average earners this news might not interested for you, but for some this really matter. We wish those low income earner can have a happier lifestyle (although more money doesn’t mean more happiness lol) after this as the minimum wage for the private sector is going to be announced this coming Tuesday, which is the 1st May 2012, also the ahead with the labour day.

We hope this minimum wage policy will bring more cheers to this coming holiday! Money is not everything, but without money we can do nothing :


According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Human Resources, the announcement will be made in a ceremony to be held in Putrajaya Convention Centre (PICC) at 8 pm.

The employee and employer each have agreed to the amount of the agreed minimum wage.

Minimum wage policy is expected to benefit 3.2 million workers in the private sector, particularly in small and medium industries sector which has a large income of less than RM700 a month.

They were said to represent 33 percent of total private sector workers who are currently below the poverty level income of RM763 per month.

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