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I only left RM36 in bank – Bob Kuman

Maybe many of you recently have seen this photo, some of you may know who is he, and some of you have no idea what is going..

He is Bob Kuman, a local actor and a TV personality that need your help to receiving treatment in hospital.

“That’s my picture, when treated at the Hospital Tawakal, Kuala Lumpur. Night in 2011 during the shooting of a television series session of ‘Jangan Pandang Belakang Congkak’, I fell in Hulu Langat, Selangor.

Wahid and Lan Pet Pet scenario were the witness for that incident. Even in the stat of having dizziness, wheezing and sore, I had to drive my own car to the hospital and been left alone there.

bob kuman

I was told I owed about 7 thousand Ringgit to the hospital and I have to pay themselves. I can not accept that. The publisher does not help me make me feel sad. Fortunately, I able to settle part of the fees and now there are remaining around three thousand ringgit.” says Bob.

“I have not moved since 8 April because I’m using the oxygen machine. Actually I do not want ask for the sympathy of society. ”

Bob Kuman

help bob kuman

He looks in pain and breathed hardly.

“Vice President of SENIMAN, Zed Zaidi ever contacted me to offer help. I informed my needs but I was given something else like biscuits. Who to help settle to my hospital bills? I feel kind of embarrassed, ” said Bob again.

Bob needs is the rental of the oxygen machine.

“Bang, now I only have RM36 in savings,” he whispered.

For readers who would like to help Bob, please contact Razali on 016 231 5812 or make donation to Bob account : Maybank 112371007047 (Husni MOHD narrator).

Please at least SHARE this entry to help Bob Kuman if you cannot support him directly in his financial needs.

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