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Automatic bursary for top scorer in SPM 2011

Automatic bursary for top scorer in SPM 2011! Student who scored 9A+ to 12A+ will be offer the automatic bursary – Financial assistant automatically.

There are about 1609 students received this award for this year SPM 2011. They will be offer to continue their pre-university inside the country or at overseas.

This automatic bursary purpose is to appreciate and recognize those excellent scorer who had given their effort – said Muhyiddin, Minister of education.

Meanwhile, Muhyiddin said the government also approved under the sponsorship of the National Scholarship Program (PBN) to the 50 most outstanding students from SPM 2011 among the best according to a list of the Ministry of Education to study the world’s leading universities.

This bursary will not filter races & background. All 9A+ SPM students are applicable.

The excellent scorers for SPM 2011 don’t miss to check the result on 16 April 2012 at

Are you one of the 1609 students? If not you can still apply for other scholarships.

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