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Aaron Aziz vs Zed Zaidi

Aaron Aziz vs Zed Zaidi?! I personally was surprised by the comments made by Zed Zaidi, it’s quite not respectful to Aaron Aziz.

The shinning star Aaron Aziz replied back to Zed Zaidi who doubt on Aaron’s victory as the most popular star in Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian 2011 recently.

Aaron said that the criticism by Zed Zaidi is so childish.

Zed wrote about how, if fellow Malaysians are not careful, they might be influenced by artistes from other countries.

He slams fellow Malaysians for idolising foreign artistes, saying that he feels sorry for Malaysian artistes who are made to feel like step children in their own country.


Below is the original quote by Aaron reported by a newspaper portal :

“Saya tak boleh nak halang dia untuk menulis apa sahaja dalam entri Twitter miliknya kerana itu hak masing-masing. Cuma jika begitulah pemikiran dia yang juga merupakan orang penting dalam Seniman, saya rasa, dia tak cukup matang. Apa-apa komennya itu tidak menjejaskan saya,” – Aaron Aziz

Aaron Aziz added that the nationality matter should not be an issue to be raise up as controversy. Aaron Aziz vs Zed Zaidi you support who?

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